What does it take to get success in the business and to make a living out of your creative skills?

via What does it take to get success in the business and to make a living out of your creative skills?


What does it take to get success in the business and to make a living out of your creative skills?

Most of us might have a dream of business. It may be small or big.

Some of us want to market our creativity.


Some of us might like to make a living by selling our own art and craft work, writing , making chocolates , baking cakes, starting a boutique,small cafe or something big like starting a luxurious restaurant which serves different cuisines.

Some might also have a entirely new idea which none has ventured.

Being self employed is not a joke.Starting a business and employing others is not a cake walk.

There are some essential things to keep in mind to achieve success in the dream business.


1.Go with the gut

The first step is to take a plunge is ” just go ahead with gut”.The gut to start the plan in mind is the first essential step.

Do not fear to start what you want , just believe your gut feeling.

When I think of gut to start , I get reminded about KFC. Hope most of you know the story behind it. If not just Google it.!!

2.Don’t give up the hope

An artist may fear to invest on paint , brush and canvas etc , thinking about the sales. But, outcome is not a sure. ” what if profit occur??


The hope is the essential part to succeed. It takes a lot of hope from the part of proprietor to get success.

4.Take a start to know the outcome

As coin has both sides,starting a business may yield either a success or failure.

We need to flip the coin throw up and we know the result only when it comes down.

If you want to know the outcome of your business, first you have to venture into it. Start with a positive thought and look the outcome.


5.Always have plan B, C and D

Starting a business is not as easy as working in a MNC and jumping to an other company if you are not comfortable.

You can’t just leave it , because you have invested your time and money. So think of different plans that would work and alterations that you could make.

You need to be diligent and have different plans.

Success comes in the end, when you have plans to face any outcome that you many get.

Forsee what your work will lead to, and keep at least 2 or 3 alternate plans to reach the goal.

When you have different plans ,you would not give up on the first failure.

Alternate plans gives the confidence to try.

6.Believe your skills

A writer could not succeed, if the ability to think of words to be put in the work is doubted. Same goes with any creative works.

Business will never give success when you doubt your own skills.

You should never doubt your self while marketing your product. You must always work to improve your self by believing your present skills.

7.Don’t be unrealistic or overconfident. 

Unrealistic thoughts will make you feel like a failure. You can’t become well known or earn millions when you start new.

You can trust your skills, but if you are overconfident you would never think of improving.

Remember, all great inventions  came after lot of testing and failures.

None of the big brands earned cores in the start. 

8.Find the mistake and correct immediately.

Mistakes are common , but that does not mean you should give up.successful people are those who work to correct it.

Lot of brands sustain because they had corrected the reason for the failures.

9.Don’t forget the power of “word of mouth “and” advertisements.”

Any thing you create would never go on its own into the market and endorse by self.

Always try to be in the good books of customers. They will help you reach to others.

If you need customers, don’t hesitate to advertise.Create noise in social media and talk about your products. Find all possible ways to reach people.

10.Give your” heart and soul”to the dream.

Believe that your dreams will be true when you give your whole self to it.

Work with passion to achieve your goals.

Remember passionate business people get the best ,rather than the one who keeps profit as first priority.

When your heart is in what you do , you could satisfy those you serve. This leads to grand success.

DISCLAIMER:These are certain things which I thought might help in success. I know most of these ,have been said by great management gurus. I have put in a slightly different way.

You are welcome ,for giving comments on what I have written from your perspective.



The baker’s tale.

This is the short tale of a baker

who make sale of variety of cakes!!



It feels like heaven,

when , I sense the aroma of

fresh baked cakes in my oven.


Each day, as I bake a cake,

I hold a dream

and, add the’ fresh cream toppings’.


It gives merry ,

to choose the best strawberries

and,  top the cake with the best cherries.


What else could be a baker’s dream,

than to give delight,

for those who want the best for anniversary celebrations .


Holding a dream, I bake dozens of cakes

and,feel the aroma

as I add the frozen creams.


The mind feels fresh

as I pick the plums and nuts

and ,crush it to top the baked cakes.


The heart feels at its best ,

while I rest ,after serving the best taste

for the happy hearts,

who comes to baker’s hut to get the best.


This is a short tale

from the heart of a baker

who make sale of variety of cakes.


Best tastes and aroma gives delight to those served

and ,I sleep each night with a satisfied  heart.


“Thanks from this sincere baker ,for remembering during all your happy days .It helps to keep the enthusiasm high.”

Heart of a child

cropped-20171215_161230I say from the bottom of my heart,

please understand!!!

I am a just a part of your life .


I am tiny!!

But ,please;” don’t try to own me”

Don’t make me cry over your failed expectations,

I am too tiny to have an ambition in life.


“Don’t  push your needs into me”

I have own needs in my life.

I have a mind of my own,

Let me find myself.


Guide me , don’t own me.

Let me smile over my little success ,

Please ,don’t pile up your expectations.


Let me say my desire,

Let your desires not haunt me in my dreams,

Don’t fire me when I fail to do what you expect.


I have beautiful dreams,

Take your time and listen my words.

Everything will be fine as I grow!!


Please understand ,”the wishes of my heart”.

Be a part of my wishes

And, wish me good luck.


I wish you understand,

I have a mind of my own,

Not you, but I have to find what I need,

The good deed, I need from you is;

Be a guide and smile over my little success.

Thanks from tiny heart!!






“Rational decisions and Intuition” … The role of dreams in decision making.


Does a day go without making decisions?

When it comes to decision making should it be Rational or intutive?

Be it in family or in work place the decision making plays a great role.

Yes!!decision making involves choosing among the best available alternatives.Effective decision making involves choosing the right one.

Right decisions is a key to solve problems and achieve Goals. But, how does right decision occur ?” Is it through  rational analysis or intuition??

All of us have a ” gut feeling “.I feel decision making can never be pure rational. Even the best innovations have come through intuition.

Intuition is a unconscious process operating within humans. On the Other side rational thinking is conscious.


Intuition can come from dreams or any other experiences in life.

Some of us might know about the discovery of theory of relativity and Benzene molecule…

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